We offer a professional, edited version of your video the very next day – in a format you can share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Your wedding is the culmination of your own unique romance. VIDART will treat your special day with personal attention and care – and we’ll work with industry professionals to give your wedding video that Hollywood look and feel.



Your company’s function deserves top of the line production quality using state-of-the-art equipment. VIDART is the consummate professional for high quality video documentation of any corporate event or meeting. We’ll get it done quickly, professionally, and without a hitch.


TV & Web Commercials

VIDART will showcase your company’s unique selling points in effective, persuasive videography to create world-class production quality commercials and ads. Our creative team works easily with your agency’s storyboard and direction, or give us your rough ideas and we’ll create an incredible commercial that gets you noticed.



Need training or how-to videos, demos, tutorials or just a great new image piece? The VIDART crew has produced some of the best in the land, and we’ll do the same for you, with utmost professionalism and our renowned creativity – all with quick turnaround and a surprisingly low price.

What Makes Us Stand Out:

Top of the line production quality and state of the art equipment!
Top Of The Line Production Quality And State Of The Art Equipment!

Wedding Videography.pngIndustry Professionals Who’ll Help You Get A Hollywood Look And Feel For Your Video!

professional-wedding-photographer-0003Videography For Any Wedding Or Event!


It’s not just a video. It’s VIDART.



Wedding videography

Affordable & Better.

With rates starting as low as $89 for a basic video or commercial, you won’t find a better price, or quality, in all of Chicago. Our operational efficiency allows us to pass our savings on to you!

Digital Video Production

Get The Help You Need.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a commercial, VIDART has put together one of the best teams in Chicago to make us a one-stop shop.


State Of Art Post Production

Professionally Edited.

Imagine your video having the look of a Hollywood Production. Not only that, but we can custom create a Blu-Ray cover for your video that you can hand out!

Digital Sound For Wedding

State Of The Art Sound.

Advanced digital sound recording will give your film a professional polish that no other videographer or videography company in Chicago can provide.


We love we what we do – and you can’t put a price on passion.



Credit Card & Paypal Accepted.

Once you’re ready to order your videographer, just give us a call. Payment is fast, friendly and fully refundable. If you need to cancel beforehand, just let us know and we we’ll refund your money in full.

Simple, Affordable Prices.

Visit our rates page, select how many hours you expect us to film, and know what you’re paying right then and there for your wedding video.